They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Orion is 5 years old!  (we have a hard time wrapping our heads around that one).

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

The birthday boy was in charge of our plans today.  He chose what I cooked and where he wanted to go.

For breakfast he chose his favorite stuffed french toast, a lunch of tomato potato soup (the kid loves soup!) and for dinner lasagna.  As previously mentioned, lasagna used to pose a slight problem here but has gotten much easier to prepare.  I still make ricotta, I now suck it up and buy the sauce, but the noodles…I have now found the lasagna sheets but they are expensive.  I think $6 for a box of pasta is expensive!  Alright, Elizabeth, get a grip and pay the man his ¥36 and move on with your life!  I must learn how to make it from scratch.  So much more satisfying!

Though Orion has the entire metro system, taxis and shuttle bus at his disposal, it was a good thing O wanted to stay home because it was quite cold and started to snow.  All the sweet thing wanted to do was go to the playroom and then to the park.  We saved the park for a warmer day and after the playroom headed into the metro station for lunch (much better than it sounds, trust me) and to see our friend Brown for some DVDs.

This evening we were joined by our friend Indigo while her sister was taken out by her parents for a special evening of their own.  The lasagna was a hit with everyone (turns out Orion was previously boycotting lasagna because doesn’t like ricotta so that is an easy fix) and for birthday dessert, strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese strawberry frosting.  His favorite gifts include a Transformer (he doesn’t watch television, where did he learn about them to request one for his birthday?) and a road track thingie (not sure what to call it).  Both took Layne a while to set up. As Orion said, “maybe only Chinese people can put them together?”  In Chinese “fake” fashion, it is not actually a true Transformer, but rather a “Traesfarmor” and already had a few pieces broken off in the transforming process.  Why make it so difficult?  When you press the sound button it alternates between futuristic “pyooo pyooo pyooo” sounds, a telephone ringing and a man saying “let’s go, rangers!”  He is thrilled with it and I think the quirkiness adds to the “charm” of the toy.  He was a patient gentleman tonight, serving others cupcakes before himself and not getting upset as both girls crawled over and around the car track playing with the cars he just received as gifts.

Orion, we love you and are proud of the boy you are growing into; smart, kind, inquisitive, sensitive, clever, handsome, gentle and loving.  Thank you for being a part of our life!


2 thoughts on “They Say It’s Your Birthday!

  1. Elizabeth, what a great birthday for Orion! Loved the description of your wonderful young gentleman (gotta say, I used those exact same adjectives years ago about my sons), plus Orion is a ‘certified’ High Level Thinker, don’t forget?! I’m really enjoying everything you write, every picture you post, etc. but this move-prep leaves me too tired to type. “I’m moving next week”…last time I said that was in July 1965…I’m keeping the faith. Love & hugs to U4…Nancy


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