What is This?

WE ARE MOVING TO CHINA!  As many times as I say it, I cannot believe it.  Let me say it again.  WE ARE MOVING TO CHINA!  Am I nuts?

I feel as though I am a fraud having such an amazing adventure laid out at my feet.  I take this journey not by my own merits or as an individual, but as one piece of a puzzle that started a long time ago.

I am standing on the shoulders of my wonderful parents who instilled this sense of wanderlust in me, who taught me to feel restless if I sit in one place for too long.  They turned me into an international traveler in utero when I rode a camel past Egyptian pyramids, and continued my traveling education through infancy and beyond.  Thanks to them, I never knew what Saturday Morning Cartoons were growing up because we were always off on some adventure!

I am chasing the dreams of my dearest brother Charles, whose goal it was to get an international assignment in Asia while working with Deloitte and Touche.  Sadly, he was never able to accomplish his goal.  Charles is a true explorer.  He deserves this adventure…not me.

Lastly, I am riding the coattails of my wonderful husband and best friend Layne, who without his hard work and exhaustive dedication to his company, would not have had this path open up for our family.

Xiexie and wo-ai-ni to you all!

I know everyone and their mother has a blog.  We live in a world where everyone thinks their story is the most remarkable, the most interesting, the most noteworthy…and now here I am among them!  A few years ago I contemplated starting a grief and mourning blog.  Grief is very lonely, and I wanted others who are suffering to know they are not alone.  I wanted to be able to talk to others dealing with post traumatic stress disorder and get their points of view.   Also, a sick part inside of me wants others to be as miserable and depressed as I am.  Isn’t this blog topic so much more positive of me?!

Please remember that above all else, this is a private journal made public for the sake of those who want to learn more about our family’s adventures.  Thanks for your interest!

My goals for this blog are to:

1)  Keep a journal of our experiences for us, and especially our children.  Orion will probably remember some of it.  Charlotte, on the other hand, will remember nothing.  I want to be able to capture details of this adventure for them, and for them to share with their children one day!

2)  Update family and friends back home with what is going on with us through journaling, photographs and video.

3)  Get a major movie deal out of this.  It’s happened before (ex: Julie and Julia), so why not for me?  Attention Directors: I would like my part to be played by Paul Reubens in drag.


5 thoughts on “What is This?

  1. Elizabeth, this is great….I didn’t know what an accomplished writer you are. I will look forward to all of your news while in Shanghai. Please email my daughter who is also in Shanghai. Hopefully, you can meet. In the meantime, let’s get your house rented!!!

    Sandi Czaplicke

  2. Can’t believe you are going off to China. We have friends in Singapore (and some that just left Singapore to go back to Britain), and I keep thinking we will make it there some day and then tour the rest of Asia. Did Layne take a transfer with IBM? When is the departure date? Are you coming back to your house? gosh, you will be missed on the street and I still haven’t even gotten to meet Miss Charlotte, the child who couldn’t wait to be born. I guess I will get the details in the blog. Have a wonderful adventure, it is an opportunity of a lifetime.

  3. Was thinking of you all this weekend and wondering how the little ones did on the flight. Glad you’re there safe and sound!

  4. Hi Elizabeth and family,

    Sammy and I were at church yesterday, I saw the next year calendar of praying for you. You guys were also mentioned in prayers of CTK. We miss you!!! Hope all of you are well.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

    Love you loads from Sandy Hook,

    Love Diane and Sammy Vertucci

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