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At the start of this blog, Charlotte was 10 months old.  Most 10 month olds have not yet had much excitement in their lives, but to start things out, this girl was born in the car, and now she is moving to the other side of the world–not bad for the ripe old age of under one year!  Charlotte is a girl on the go and has a sweet little personality.  She is adventurous, feisty, adorable and an independent woman.  She loves her milk, and eating everything except for bananas in any form.  She adores her big brother Orion and follows him wherever he goes.



Orion, also known as O-Man, is our sweet almost four year old boy.  He is all boy and loves anything that has to do with cars, monster trucks and sharks.  His future aspirations have changed over the years, starting with wanting to be a “cooker like mommy” to now wanting to be an ambulance driver.  You can’t pin him down!  He has a funny sense of humor, an active imagination and a kind heart, just tonight asking God to give toys to children who don’t have any during our bedtime prayers.  He attends Wesley Learning Center in Sandy Hook and enjoys playing with his friends!


20120521_115246 (2)

It was very difficult to find a recent photo of Layne by himself.  Each photo of him also has his children in it (as it is, I had to cruelly crop one out of the above photo)-THAT is the kind of guy he is.  Layne adores his two children and is a devoted, wonderful family man.  The kind that you don’t find too often anymore and makes other girls say “darn, I wish he was MY man!”  That is one side of Layne.

Here is the other:  Layne is a ferocious all out metalhead who, in his (rare) spare time wails on the guitar, thrashes on the drums (I have his blood splatter from his hands on the basement walls to prove it–ewww!) and listens to bands you’ve never heard of.  That is how cool and hardcore this guy is.  He has a recording studio in our basement with a wall of guitars and writes some of the best music I’ve ever heard.  He taught his son how to rock out with devil horns and do power slides.  Can’t wait to see what he teaches Charlotte!  I am so proud of him.



Elizabeth is, above all else, proud of her wonderful family and thankful God has blessed her in so many ways.  She is a stay at home mother to the aforementioned Orion and Charlotte and this past summer celebrated 10 years of marriage to her best friend and husband, Layne.  Elizabeth loves cooking, reading, traveling, attempting to be crafty and speaking in the third person.


2 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  1. What a “cast of characters” you’ve created! I especially like the idea that “Elizabeth loves…speaking in the third person”! You’ve definitely got a way with words, and I certainly enjoy reading them…

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