So many small details happen each day and as my mother always says “if you don’t write it down you will not remember.”  From very Chinese occurrences to the kids being cute, this will serve as a dumping ground for these small anecdotes.  I am still humbled that so many people read my family’s diary.  I hope you enjoy it!
4.1.14;  This morning as I was preparing a pot of fresh bamboo shoots next to my singing pet cricket, I could not help but wonder how much more “China” things can get!
Tonight was the first night since she was born 26 months ago that Charlotte did not ask to be nursed.  While sad for me to know she is growing up and will soon no longer want my nourishment, this is one more step in the almost one year weaning process and I should be thankful for this recent development!  (I kind of think it may be an April Fools’ Day joke on her part!  🙂   )
While watching the weather on CNN tonight, they had the Cherry Blossom Forecast for Asia.  How charming!
2.11.14;  Charlotte, without prompting, now emulates Ozzy Osborne’s maniacal laugh at the beginning of Crazy Train.  Rock on, baby!
1.28.14;  Just came home from the wet market and it was incredibly busy.  Difficult to move with everyone stocking up before the stalls close down for New Year celebrations.  A lot has changed in the last few weeks and I could not find some of my regular vendors.  Prices seemed higher and I am not sure if it is due to the expected pre-holiday gouge or if the new vendors who are unfamiliar with my face gave me the laowai price.  Saw a turtle being dispatched for the first time–yikes.
1.22.14;  I am falling behind again in my blog and realized I do not do it because I enjoy it, I do it so our family can one day enjoy the finished product.  It is a lot of work and I am an excellent procrastinator, thus I am only on day three of our vacation to Vietnam!

1.22.14; My telephone again is not working and I am becoming more and more of a conspiracy theorist.  Is Mr. Li reporting our conversations?  Is my apartment bugged?  I heard an apartment across the way from us was, but he worked in the British Consulate.  The day after I posted about the horrid air pollution and predicted my phone would be shut down because of it, the next day–BOOM–shut off for three weeks.  Coincidence?  Not sure!

1.21.14; Orion is now calling “shishkebabs” “mushygegogs.”  He truly thinks that is the real name for them, as in “Mom, these fruit mushygegogs make a yummy snack.”  I’m going to have fun with that one for a while.
1.16.14; I learned this afternoon at our Shama Mama playgroup that mothers from every culture do the diaper sniff test.  What a strange and unexpected way to unite mothers around the globe!
1.10.14; Today in the museum, a lady who was admiring Charlotte took a hard boiled egg out of her purse and gave it to her.  Very touching, but who keeps hard boiled eggs in their purses?  Not a bad idea, actually, for a nutritious, naturally wrapped snack!
1.14.14; Today I was scolded by Orion’s bus ayi for only having one pair of pants on my children.  The horror!
1.4.14; I am not big on New Year’s resolutions, but this year I resolved to be a better Christian educator for my children.  It is too easy for me to complain that taking the kids in a taxi on my own (Layne works so often) is too much, but it is so important.  I resolve to not just pray more with the children but to talk more about why we do it and why it is such a gift.  At Church with the children today, the Pastor said that when she prays at home she lights a candle to remind herself that her prayers are being lifted up, as the flame and smoke is, and invited us to try the same.  When I asked Orion if he would like to try that in the evening, his response was “No.  We will draw a picture of buddha and worship that instead.”  Oh my buddha.  Clearly we have been taking him to more temples than Churches and this needs to change!
1.2.14; As Elizabeth Jr. and Mr. Li “ran away” to the great bamboo forest in the sky, we now have a new pet cricket that Orion named Little Green Green Star (not a typo).  Everyone laughs at me for hand feeding my crickets but when the crickets rise up and chose me as their leader, we will see who laughs then.
12.25.13; Santa Clause brought an alphabet book to Danang on Christmas morning for Charlotte.  The English letter is accompanied by a corresponding photograph, and the Chinese characters for that word.  The problem is that so many of the words she only knows the Mandarin for, thus the English alphabet is useless for these words.  For example (she really gets going at “E”):

E (a photo of eggs) she says “jidan”

F (flower) “hua”

G (grapes) “putao”

H (horse) “ma”

I (ice cream) “bing qilin”

And so on for about half the alphabet!

11.25.13;  “Well you are not the boss of the earth and the earth knows if there are limes in the juice. Wait, does God live in space?”  ~Orion (possibly the trippiest quote ever)


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